Brand New 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Residences with Carpark from $455,000

‘Attention to detail, with the use of authentic materials, ensure timeless spaces. Great design encompasses efficient planning, authentic materiality and unique detailing.'

- Miriam Fanning, Mim Design

Designed by The Silver Arc, this boutique collection of twenty-four residences uses raw materials and connects spaces which evoke calm and a restful mind. 

Alba the feminine form of the Latin 'albus' meaning white, is a collection of lifestyle residences encased behind a striking blanched exterior. The white façade sets the tone for the retreat, purity and peace that lies beyond.

Alba is more than just a living space, it's an authentic urban environment offering a boutique selection of 24 once, two and three-bedroom apartments with terraces.​


Sightlines are planned with privacy in mind, reinforcing the importance of first impressions. A prominent entrance lobby announces the opportunity for rest and relaxation within. Residents will feel respite and rejuvenation when they enter the building.

Alba blends with its environment at street level too; boutique retail space forms part of the local community. Outdoor landscape architecture is also designed to create a haven of harmony. Throughout the shared outside areas gentle pergolas shelter, providing nooks for taking time out.

‘With clean lines and a neutral material palette, Alba’s design language effortlessly complements the existing fine-grained fabric of the Bentleigh Urban Village’

‘The ground floor facade, free from structural constraints, presents as a fully-glazed retail component that activates the street frontage. A linear canopy separates this element from the residents above, maintaining a comfortable scale for pedestrians within the public realm.


A robust and sober polished concrete podium forms the main body of the building and defines the mass of the street façade. The strategic appearance of greenery over the podium, along with the introduction of a pergola element, contributes to a seamless transition to upper storeys. Lush greenery and climbing plants provide a pleasant outlook for residents and a sense of protection from the environment.


The upper floors are tied together by a continuous balustrade ribbon, a play of solid white render and clear glass contributes to the ethereal and neutral perception of the materiality of the building.’

- The Silver Arc